We service the Fort Worth/Dallas area of Texas

Memorial Weekend Rememberance

We want to pause this weekend and remember those who gave so much.

Fostering is Not for Wimps

Those of you who have followed this site regularly will know that it is usually not good news when we are quiet on line. I admit I was surprised it has been almost a month but dang...... I am not even sure where to start.

Here it is.. we need qualified foster hones. We do not have a shelter and are all volunteer foster home based. So what does this mean.

Danes in Need

Gypsy is a sweet girl who's had a rough start in life. She came to rescue after having a litter and developing a nasty case of demodectic mange, aka demodex. Demodex is treatable with proper veterinary attention, but Gypsy's case was ignored and allowed to progress. Because of her condition at intake she was estimated at six years old but she has the heart of a much younger girl. Gypsy is living with other danes and small children and loves teh attention. She is improving in her foster home and sweet as pie!