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5 Facts about Heartworms

I am always surprised at how little pet owners know about this devastating disease and how easy it is to reduce the risk to your dog or cat. If you are not currently using year round heartworm prevention please talk to your veterinarian. Texas has a crazy long mosquito season and even indoor pets are at risk...

Baby it's HOT Outside: Recognize and Treat Heatstroke in Dogs

By now I would hope everyone has the message ... DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PET IN THE CAR and HOT Pavement can BURN your Paws.... but these are not the only ways the heat can seriously harm your pet. Something as easy as an evening walk may be too much. It is important that you know the signs or heat stroke, how to treat it and the hours of your vet/location of the after hours vet. My biggest tip.. right now stop and save in your phone your veterinary office phone number and the closest after hours veterinary office with directions. In the meantime please review the signs of heat stroke and what you need to do before you go to the veterinarian.

Not familiar with the signs of heatstroke... this is a pretty good video by Greg Martinez DVM.

Danes in Need

Gypsy is a sweet girl who's had a rough start in life. She came to rescue after having a litter and developing a nasty case of demodectic mange, aka demodex. Demodex is treatable with proper veterinary attention, but Gypsy's case was ignored and allowed to progress. Because of her condition at intake she was estimated at six years old but she has the heart of a much younger girl. Gypsy is living with other danes and small children and loves teh attention. She is improving in her foster home and sweet as pie!