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Blessed Thanksgiving

All of us at GDRNT are eternally grateful for our foster homes, volunteers and supporters who allow us to save discarded danes. I am consistently amazed by how hard this small heartfelt group of volunteers will work to save a furry life. We are also indebted to the veterinarians who provide services to us at deep discounts, answer my late night texts/calls, and endless emails of questions. Grateful for the Animal Control Officers and Shelter Staff that work with many good rescues to see that animals are given a chance.

I am consistently overwhelmed by the generosity of time, tears and money that support our mission...

Yes, there are bigger issues in the news, more pressing matters to humanity but this group is making a positive difference, one furry face at a time. So as I, once again, remind my foster to "get down", not eat electric cords, stay of the couch and potty outside.... sigh... I am grateful for his warm heart and healing body resting his content head on my shoe... (and I am grateful he is not chewing my shoe!)

I found this poem by Peggy Fezon that explains how many of us are grateful for our furbabies.

Under the Table–A Thanksgiving Poem
By Peggy Frezon, November 17, 2014

Cold Warning Continues! Safety's Tips!

Here it comes.....It is only November and we already have to worry about cold!! Ughhhh. Given the current weather forcast we wanted to remind you of the common cold weather hazards. Great Danes are not the only breed that does NOT do well in the cold weather. Great Danes and other breeds do not have a subcutaneous fat layer or skin and fur that can handle extreme hot and cold weather.

Spotlight Dane


Floyd is a young dane with a love of life! This sweet boy came to rescue with few manners but his foster home has worked so hard and he is a fast learner! Floyd loves to play with his big dog FURsiblings and skin kids. He is crate and potty trained. His house and leash manners are improving every day! Floyd will do well in an active home who wants to continue his training to help him remember what he has learned! As most young danes he does forget his size so bigger kids and dogs would be awesome!

Danes in Need

Four legs are over rated! When 3 is greater than 4! Arthur only has three legs but it doesn't slow him down at all! Arthur came to us like this. We understand he came to a shelter over the summer with an injured leg and it could not be saved.. so they had no choice but to amputate! So Arthur has only been rockin three legs for a few months but he has it pretty much mastered! Every day he gains more confidence on new surfaces and gains muscle strength in his back leg. This is one happy young dude! He loves the car and is learning leash manners.