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Hanukkah Blessings!

To our families and friends who will celebrate Hanukkah we wish you a blessed and joyous holiday! If you are celebrating with your furkids this is a good time to review some holiday hazards!

Holiday Elves?

Generally I keep a stash of story ideas... but if you are like me you may be having a hard time getting into the Ho HO HO spirit of the season.... at the moment I have a serious case of the BAH HUMGS! Today someone sent me this video and I got to thinking.... hmmm wonder if I can train this crazy foster........

Spotlight Dane


Floyd is a young dane with a love of life! This sweet boy came to rescue with few manners but his foster home has worked so hard and he is a fast learner! Floyd loves to play with his big dog FURsiblings and skin kids. He is crate and potty trained. His house and leash manners are improving every day! Floyd will do well in an active home who wants to continue his training to help him remember what he has learned! As most young danes he does forget his size so bigger kids and dogs would be awesome!

Danes in Need

Four legs are over rated! When 3 is greater than 4! Arthur only has three legs but it doesn't slow him down at all! Arthur came to us like this. We understand he came to a shelter over the summer with an injured leg and it could not be saved.. so they had no choice but to amputate! So Arthur has only been rockin three legs for a few months but he has it pretty much mastered! Every day he gains more confidence on new surfaces and gains muscle strength in his back leg. This is one happy young dude! He loves the car and is learning leash manners.