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Rocco has Scored!

Rescue means different things to different people. Once again found myself explaining it to a wide eyed stranger...about how special our dogs our, how amazing it is to see a frightened animal become a FURever family member, how our fosters/volunteers give so much... how it is a drop I the ocean.....

Home for Ole Blue Eyes

Big, blue-eyed moose came into rescue with a heavy case of heartworms. With several weeks of treatments under his belt and a loving foster mom. He was ready to find his home. Moose found a home with three active kids and a Mom that was needing a love bug dog. They fell in love at first sight of his blue eyes. At last check, Moose has warmed up to the family and all the neighborhood kids. Safe to say everyone is Happy!!

New Year, New Furever Homes!

2015 is off to a busy start! Intake has picked up, and our foster homes are full to bursting. Happily, some of our sweet dogs found wonderful furever homes in January, and it looks like there may be a few more soon.

Buzz Lightyear

2015 Annual Member Meeting

The 2015 annual members meeting for all paid members will be held on Saturday. February 21st at 2:00 pm in Dallas Texas. Even if you can not attend the meeting this is a great way to support all of the good work that rescue does! Every bit of your annual dues goes to help the sick, injured and neglected dogs that we are able to save from death row.

Bella is FURever HOME

Bella is such a sweet lady but at adoption meetings she would seem aloof and her charm was easy to overlook. Her foster family had nothing but high reports for what a lady Bella was! Well you know how it can be... frequently foster dogs are waiting for just the right FURever home. Always the polite lady at adoption meetings but just nope..... Until that perfect moment when a foster dog knows... YES This is my FURever humom!

No Longer on the Road...

As an all volunteer organization, we rely on the generosity of volunteers to keep saving Danes. We have a few fostes who have been with us for more Danes then they car to admit. So many have been a special needs foster home and nursed many a pup to FURever homes or the years.

One of these homes is never lonely but something was missing. After the passing of one of the personal Danes ther was avoid that no foster could fill Until now:)

FURever Love at First SNIFF!

Floyd came to rescue like many of the "young guns" happy silly young male with few manners! Floyd has a loving dane heart, and personality of a pup but the energy of .... well lets just say the dude exudes joy .. like a lot.. !

A Home For Cookie

Sometimes a dog comes to us so shut down, frightened and fearful they simply do not know how to be a dog. This sounds crazy right? I mean how does a dog not know how to wag a tail, eat from a bowl, go outside or even get lovin from their Hu-mom? Some dogs leave their baggage at the shelter door, others may take a few days to realize they are safe.... but a few find it so hard to learn to trust and just be a FURkid.


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