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Possible Tax Benefits for Animal Fostering

First the Disclaimer: We are not tax pros or accountants... this is informational use only! All tax issues and deductions should be discussed with a tax professional!

The IRS and accountants historically roll their eyes at the idea of deducting volunteer expenses. A woman named Jan Elizabeth Van Dusen sued the Commissioner of the IRS over “unreimbursed volunteer expenses while caring for foster cats in her private residence.” These expenses primarily included “payments for veterinary services, pet supplies, cleaning supplies and household.” Apparently the IRS nailed her for a $12,068 charitable-contribution that she made on her taxes, but she fought back and largely won. “Largely,” because the court allowed that she could take most of the deduction, minus some expenses that were hard to link solely to pet care. The decision, in Van Dusen v. Commissioner, paves the way for volunteers of animal-rescue groups to deduct properly documented unreimbursed expenses that further the groups' missions, such as fostering animals.

A Special FURever Home

Pheonix came to rescue very very sick! After an expensive ICU stay and some time with a LOVING foster she has found a perfect FURever home! She had a very treatable form of Demodex Mange that was left untreated which allowed dangerous secondary infections to fester. She is a very sweet girl who is also DEAF. With all this going on she still has a loving heart! Her transporter named her Phoenix because she was bound to rise from the ashes.

Today her journey home is complete and FURever. Pheonix has found a home who loves her and can be watchful for any future out breaks of demodex and continue with her special training. Pheonix's FURever mom fell in love with her when before her fur had grown in and she was still fighting demodex. Looking past her condition when she was ill and her deafness, this FURever mom saw only a beautiful dane with a loving heart.

So today Pheonix is FURever home!

Puppy Mill Law STANDS

While thousands of dogs are destroyed in animal control facilities throughout Texas each year, underground puppy mills in untold numbers churn out thousands of puppies each week to be sold at pet stores, on websites or through newspaper ads. In 2011, HB 1451"The Puppy Mill Law" was passed, it licenses and regulates large scale commercial dog and cat breeders (those having 11 or more intact females and selling 20 or more puppies or kittens per year).

What a Great WEEKEND for GDRNT!

What a busy weekend we all had! GDRNT has the very best volunteers even with the FLU bug hitting we still had a great turnout at our Meet n Greet in Highland Village. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to volunteer, learn about rescue or just say Howdy! Next weekend we will be in ALLEN at the Petco... click on the Calendar section of for directions and info. Look forward to seeing all who can come out! Meet n Greets are a great way to learn more about GDRNT and how we work. You can meet some adopted danes and the folks who love them and some foster dogs. This is also a great place to learn about our Adoption Program and how great our Match Maker Adoption Process works. We also will have some GDRNT T-shirts, sweatshirts, magnets and car window decals.

That is not all that happened last weekend! My favorite part of rescue.. ADOPTION DAY! WOO HOOO this weekend our young sweet dude Dusty found his FURever home! Dusty is full of play and his new family loves him so much but is also ready to provide teh structure and continued training to make sure he matures into a Gentle Giant! Dusty has a big yard and young man to hang out with has found a great FURever home!

Congrats to Dusty and his FURever family!

This Weekends FURever homes....

It has been a busy week here at GDRNT. 2013 has already been a busy one and we continue to work hard to save more danes. My favorite part of rescue is adoption day! This weekend our adoption team and foster families got three of our danes their perfect FURever homes.

Vote Today For Graycie Gray

Graycie Cray is a GDRNT alum and up for D Magazines CUTEST DOG! She is a FURever dane now and living the Life of Luxury every one of our danes deserve. Click on the link to vote for her and her work promoting GDRNT! Graycie loves to sit on laps. She will climb and perch her hind legs completely on your lap if you let her. Graycie has a very naughty streak and has been known to jump the fence, chasing after squirrels that taunt her. Her mom and dad have learned that yelling at her with an angry tone of voice will only turn her into a Jamaican sprinter. She is a very sensitive girl.

A Diva finds her FURever

Sometime it is hard to explain why some of our sweet danes stay with us longer. They will go on several match lists but never find their FURever home... always the bridesmaid never the Bride...

Last FURever home of 2012 goes to....

Zeus! This guy has a heart of GOLD and is so sweet I can't believe it took as long as it did to find his FURever home... but obviously he was waiting for this family! He just knew they were his FURever family! Zeus had grown attached to his foster family and they to him, but foster moms know best. She knew as much as they loved Zeus his FURever family was out there someplace waiting on him. So what better day than New Years Eve to get a new start on life! Zeus was abandoned and came to rescue needing surgery to repair his eye. His foster family nursed him back through surgery and helped him become the love bug he is!

Here is the best part of this story. His FURever family originally came to rescue with some idea of what they thought was the perfect dane for them but after going through the process and allowing our Match Maker Program to work they choose Zeus! I am not sure they would have ever looked at him in a shelter or ever picked him on their own but I think everyone agrees it is the PERFECT match! So Congrats to Zeus and hugs to his foster family for a job well done!

busy busy busy elves!

Wow the GDRNT Adoption Elves have been wicked busy this weekend and found AMAZING FURever homes for two of our pups!

Ozzy came to rescue and was so scared the veterinarians listed him as deaf and vision impaired. Well after the love of a fabutastic experienced foster home we learned that he could see pretty well and hear plenty. He probably couldn't pass the driving test but that is ok because he is so full of love. Ozzy has been adopted by a repeat adopter and will live happy ever FURafter with his dane brother, kitty and FURever mom! Wait till he sees how she will spoil him! CONGRATS TO OZZY and his FURever home!

Our next match is Miss Candy Cane. It doesn't happen very often but occasionally we do get a dog that only thinks it is a dane. So it is with Candy who only has the heart of a dane. This sweet little girl was lucky to come to rescue as she was scheduled for euthanasia when we agreed to take her. True to her name this sweet girl won over the hearts of her foster home who has made her FURever just in time for Christmas.

SO CONGRATS to Candy and Ozzy as they are FURever home for the Holidays. We also have to say THANK YOU to those who made it all possible during this busy time of year to take time out to make this all possible.

Another FURever home for the Holidays!

I Picasso wanted for this Holiday Season was a FURever Family all his own! This dude is the real deal... looks and personality! All he wanted was a family of his own, maybe some kids to love on him and another dog to play with! Well the GDRNT Elves delivered in time for Christmas. Picasso is now FURever home and loving life! A huge thank you to his foster family and everyone who made this happen during this busy time.


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