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Thanks from Hank!

Hank is giving thanks this weekend for his FURever home! Hank came to rescue Heartworm positive, too skinny and hearing impaired. Hank had it ruff prior to his rescue but you would never know that from this happy go lucky dude! Hank loves to play and is so happy to be in his FURever Family with other dogs and skin kids. Hank's FURever family is working with what hearing he has and teaching him more and more every day!

YIPPEEE for Hank and his FURever family!

Ruckus, The Duke and FURever Homes!

His transporter named him perfectly.. Ruckus came to us from death row and was so happy to be sprung from the shelter! This fun loving guy has a heart of gold and the energy of a pup! He is a typical teenager and full of play! When he first came he quickly learned house manners (some sooner than others) .. well Ruckus heart of gold has hit the lottery! When his foster mom was going out of town he went to vacation with a foster family who fell in love with his wonderful spirit! Ruckus quickly won over the kids in the home and mom & dad were not that far behind!

It a Whole New FURever World!

Princess Jasmine has found her Aladdin!
Little Miss Jasmine has found her a new brother! Jasmine has been adopted by a family that has a little Chihuahua that actually “picked” Jasmine to be his sister. At the match meeting the little guy would give both matched dogs some good sniffs. He would always come back and check on Jasmine, it was like he was telling his parents’ let’s take her.

Look who is FURever Home!

Mr. Brett has completed his journey with GDRNT and has moved on to a bigger and better life. A life with a houseful of kids and a challenging cat. With a new life comes a new name-Dirk. From the updates the family has been sending he seems to adapting to his new home. A little blurp from new Mom---

My Dane Ate What?!

Some days I think Daphne found my copy of Marley and Me, opened it to the chapter called “Things He Ate” and took that as a challenge. She frequently tries to play keep away with my socks or kitchen towels, and thankfully, she hasn’t eaten any yet. The scariest thing she’s done recently is steal a light bulb. When I found her she was happily slobbering on the bubble wrap while the bulb lay broken nearby. She appears to be no worse for wear, but it was pretty nerve-wracking.

Hera has Found her Olympus

The Greek goddess Hera is known as the protector of family and Queen of Olympus. Now our Hera has found her Olympus and FURever family! Hera came to rescue Heartworm positive, sick and never knowing the inside of a home. She lived her life outside with the purpose of breeding. Some dogs have a hard time adjusting to life as an inside dog... not Hera. It did not take long for her to realize she was meant to be an inside dog and that outside was for play, potty and evening walks with her family. Hera not only loves her FURsiblings but has adoring skin-siblings too!. It took some time for Hera to get well enough to undergo the rigor of heartworm treatment, but now that is behind her and she is FURever home!

Hera did not have to look far to find her Olympus! At her recovery foster home, GDRNT dane sister and older FURsibling all knew pretty early on that Hera was meant to stay... During the family meeting it was decided that if Dad let Hera get adopted he would have to be re-homed too! We couldn't let that happen so it is now official and Hera is finally FURever home. Yippppeeeeee (and now we don't have to re-home any husbands!)

Underdog to FURever WONDERDOG!

This weekend our Milo found his perfect FURever home! This sweet dude had a ruff start with rescue.. soon after coming to GDRNT his very aware Foster mom realized something was wrong and we rushed him to the ER Clinic to discover he was in the early stages of bloat! Milo had emergency surgery but recovered like a champ! Bloat is correctable with expensive surgery when caught early and we knew this sweet boy deserved a chance! Milo is one of those young guys who just loves everyone he meets so how could this family NOT fall in love with him!

Falling in Love with FURever Homes!

Now we know why Scooter was with us for so long.. he was waiting for this family to come adopt him! Scooter came to rescue a silly goofy loving pup with very few manners! This guy was long on play and love and short on .. well .. manners! What a typical puppy! His foster family worked hard to teach him how to be a sweet gentleman and still have a love for life! It was hard to understand why families kept overlooking him.. but now we know.. he was waiting for this family! (CLICK TO READ MORE and see who else found FURever !)

Danes are Like Chips.. Hard to Have Just one: A FURever Tail!

Many adopters come back to GDRNT when looking to add a FURkid to their families. I like to think this is because adopters have a love of danes and appreciation for our process and program. They know first hand how amazing our pups are and find it hard to resist a GDRNT dane when they find the need to add a dane to the existing herd. So it is with this weekends family when they added a third GDRNT dane to their home. The first time this family adopted was over 8 years ago when they welcomed Scarlet into their home. Scarlet is now a spry, mature lady of 12 years! When she came to rescue she was named Scarlet because her skin was so bad and red, but now the name fits her as a beautiful Southern belle! Those of you who have been around will remember a shy, scared female who came to GDRNT very pregnant. She was soo young it was probably one of her first cycles. While in rescue she had a crazy large litter of 13!!!!! (I still hear from many of those adoptive families too!) Cassidy was young and shy but blossomed in foster care and joined Scarlet as her FURever sister.

This weekend another girl hit the FURever home jackpot! Trixie came to us after being surrendered to a local shelter, she had a tummy bug and then went into heat.. (ok there is a funny story there because all our danes are spayed so we don't deal with it often.. but another time!) Trixie is such a love bug and has never met a heartbeat she didn't like! So as soon as we could get her "fixed" she was ready for her FURever!

I wish I had gotten a pic of the three girls together but I am not that smart and honestly had to have my happy cry in the car.. ( yes I still do that after adoptions from time to time)

Ready for a FURever Story? How about TWO!

It was a guys weekend here at GDRNT, with two of our "Young Guns" finding their perfect FURever homes. When a dane comes to GDRNT it is the start of their FURever story. Many of these dogs have found themselves homeless at least once before coming to GDRNT, and some never really a "home". Each dane starts their new life with a complete, caring veterinary exam and treatment plan, no dog is turned away because it needs expensve veterinary care, and then to a qualified loving foster home to get ready for their FURever home.


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