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a FURever Bro-Mance

The Big B came back to rescue because he and the existing cat just could not make it work. Just because a dog can live happily with one cat doesn't always mean they can live with every cat.

Brett is what we call a velcro dane.. he LOVES his people and always want to be with them.. stuck to them like velcro:) So when he came back we knew we had the perfect spot for him... great dad with a work from home schedule and no cat. This is your typical BROmance and these two have already started a training class and are planning an RV Road trip!

So a huge thank you to the Foster families and everyone who made this possible! and don't be surprised if you see these two fun loving guys at DaneFest April 12!

Overdue FURever Home!

It was finally Clark's turn to find his forever home. Clark came into rescue with a severe case of heartworms. He was so lethargic and lifeless that we thought he might be close to being a senior. It took Clark a little longer to clear of the heartworms, but once he did clear, he felt better, got some good food and a fantastic foster home he was a different dog.

Clark is now sharing a home with a Rhodesian sister that is happy she has a buddy to play and nap with. He is also sporting the new name of Einstein.

Thank you to everyone that participated in Clark's journey to his new home.

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Guess who found FURever...

Otis came into rescue as heartworm positive and large sores from flea dermatitis. Once healthy and his sores cleared up, Otis was a hit on the website. But since Otis was considered a senior, not many applicants were interested in adopting an "old dog" . Lucky for us we had a couple that wanted the perfect dog for their lifestyle. We all knew Otis was a big softie in size and heart and would win someone over. Well he did! Otis has been adopted and sharing his love with this young couple and two crazy cats.

When the "grass is greener" Inside the Fence

Sometimes it is hard to understand how a sweet dane could end up in a shelter.... other times a foster home discovers their "quirks" early on....

When Chip's foster mom picked him up from the shelter she could not believe this sweet mature goof ball of a dog was not claimed! Well it turns out he should have been named "Houdini" ! This dude could get out of a yard faster than you can blink! I think he could be part ground hog because he can dig out of a yard in record speed!

First FURever Homes of 2014 go tooooooooooo

22 of my fosters have been puppies... I probably have the only kids in the world who see a puppy and cringe because they know it means, potty training, the occasional puddles, piles and chewed stinky socks. Not me I am still a sucker for a pup..

Last FURever Home of 2013 goes to....

The last adoption for the year 2013 was sweet and easy. Zeke came to us in early November from an area Shelter. He had a bad case of the cherry eye. GDRNT paid to have the eyelid corrected by one of our awesome vets and sent him into foster care.

Well who would of knew that once Mr. Zeke was feeling better, his young male dane energy kicked in!! Zeke was a hit with the foster family, matter of fact one of the smartest fosters they ever had. (and they have had a few)

Zeke met his furever home right after Christmas. It was love at first sight for the family. Zeke has an older lab brother, an 8yr old human brother and a bunch of hockey players to hang with. along with the new family came a new name Ranger. YIPPEEEEE

The family has sent an update on Zeke/Ranger.

Zeke (aka Ranger) is transitioning well to his new home and new family. We are all learning the ropes. Ranger is learning that “sit” is not immediately followed by “shake” (which results in a big paw in your stomach if you aren’t ready for it!). Dad is learning that you can’t leave pizza crust unattended on the table. Mom learned quickly that dane headbutts hurt… a lot. His 8-year old brother is learning that regardless of age or size, Ranger is still a puppy who wants to play and doesn’t know how big he is. Penguin, his senior lab FURbrother is learning to stay out of the way! In our first week, we have gone to the dog park, taken a shower (yes, a standup shower) and added pet beds to several rooms. We are in love and Zeke/Ranger is fur-ever home.

The Making of a Christmas Miracle

The Holidays tend to bring the best and the worst out of our fellow humans, sometimes all at the same time. This week I had a healthy dose of both. I have been hesitant to write this.. Perhaps because I am not confident I can relay it fairly to all involved.....however in a world of social media, a blown up inbox and contact with many I feel it timely.

Something To Warm Your Heart!

I am overdue for some FURever home updates! Nothing can warm your heart like a fURever home story, even when it is as nasty cold as it is in Dallas right now....

Both these FUrever stories involve what I like to call the "young guns". A young gun is (usually) a young male dane who comes to us with a big heart, tons of energy and few manners!!! Typical teenagers! We seldom know anything about their life prior to the shelter but experience tells me it goes something like this.... A dane puppy .. cute as it gets.. big feet, floppy ears, full of kisses and love is brought home, but too quickly that cute 20 pounds of love becomes 100 plus pounds of un manageable love! At 20 pounds they had no rules, ruff housed with the kids, ate the trash, chased the cat, knocked over the toddler... all "manageable" at 20 pounds but at 100 pounds.. YIKES! So that cute puppy is relegated to long stretches of time in the crate, yard, garage and never taught how to be a good family member.

Frequently their foster home is the first time they are taught that potty is in the yard, paws stay on the floor, counters are not buffet lines, leashes are for WALKING and toddlers are NOT chew toys. You get the idea... Our foster homes start with the basics and train these guys to get ready for FURever homes....

This is a likely story for Blackjack! This dude is a love bug but I do not think he spent any time living in a house prior to rescue. Like most dogs once he caught on to the comforts of a home he caught on to the rules pretty fast! Blackjack is a fast learner and has finally hit the FURever home JACKPOT! YEAH for Blackjack and his new FURever family.

Stanley shares a similar story but this poor dude came to us $ick, $ick, $sick and had to spend some time in ICU for pneumonia! His foster mom reported that he had the very best behavior... Poor guy was so sick but we as he gained strength and energy so did his love for life! We were very happy to see Stanley behave like a teenager! Turns out Stanley is a velcro dane who likes to PLAY! Now Stanley got his perfect FURever home with a cute playmate and momma who loves him to pieces!

YIPEEEEE.... Now if that does not warm your heart....

Sometimes it doesn't work out.... not like I think it will anyway.

At times there is simply no apparent answer and a wiser lady will say "It will all work out, It always works out... we just don't know how yet." It drives me nutz.... but she is right it always seems to work out.... just not how I first think it will......

We got a call about Zane from a small shelter in rural Texas about a severely neglected dane. He was emaciated, filthy and abandoned when they got him. Our intake team did what they do best and managed to find a medical foster home and brought him into GDRNT. Not only was this dude skinny but his foster home removed "pellets" from his muzzle!

Zane quickly melted the hearts of everyone he met! The entire foster home.. kids, husband and existing dogs all LOVED him! He is so sweet and we knew we would find him a great FURever home as soon as he was well enough. But that is the thing.... Zane was so happy to be in a home, and put on weight but he was not getting "better", not like we expected...


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