DaneFest, TODAY 11 to 2

Saturday, April 25 from 11:00 to 2:00 at Dogs Unleashed Dog Daycare in Keller, Texas.

Walk Up's Welcome! If you are not registered come on out .. with your proof of vaccinations/alter... and check the rules below. You can download the DaneFest 2015 Registration & Waiver Form and bring it with you, but we will have some there. DaneGrill will be open for the humans... and DaneStore too .. So come on out and let your 40plus pound dog shake off the cabin fever. Come for the day or just an hour.. up to you and your dog... $10 per human, $30 for a family of 4. Check out the rules before you come... PLEASE HAVE A COPY OF YOUR DOGS SHOTS.. I HATE HAVING TO TURN PEOPLE AWAY because they do not have it.

Cliff Notes for you who need it: aka Rules: