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A Dog's Night Before Christmas courtesy of Richard Lederer from A Treasury of Dog Lovers (Howard Books)

May this Christmas find all of you blessed and well. To all of you who have given so much to GDRNT and others serving our community by saving the animals, a heart felt Thank You. We hope you all will continue to bless GDRNT as you have since 2001. I think if your dane were to write a version of the Night Before Christmas this would be it..

Puppy Applications are Closed

A huge thank you to everyone who has submitted applications on the six puppies. Each application is important to us, and we are working through all of them... We already have several approved applications and more applications in the pipeline. At this time we will not be accepting any additional puppy applications. If you have submitted a puppy application prior it will be considered. Please note that we do have some awesome more experienced dogs also looking for homes for the holidays....

This Hanukkah Season

For those celebrating Hanukkah especially we wish you Peace, Love and Light.

Last Meet & Greet of 2015

Meet & Greet from 1 to 3! Come meet some GDRNT fosters and FURever danes to learn about life with a gentle giant! We will have volunteers on hand to answer any questions! PLEASE NOTE Meet & Greets are not adoption events, and we do not bring puppies to Meet & Greets. All adopters must complete an application, vet check, phone interview and home visit prior to approval.

Three Dog Bakery will be hosting their annual Photos with the Grinch from noon to 5, benefitting the Duke & Oliver foundation. Details are available on their website and Facebook page.

Happy Thanksgiving for your Fur Kids!

We wish all our supporters, adopters, fosters and volunteers a blessed and happy Thanksgiving season. This can be hard when you are tempted to share your treats with your fur kids. Please remember what is a treat for you can be toxic for your pets.

Thanksgiving Reflections

As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that we have to be thankful for. Our volunteers and supporters have helped over 1,600 dogs since Great Dane Rescue of North Texas began. Many of these dogs came to us in need of more than a warm bed and temporary home. In these cases we see the results of human cruelty and neglect, but we also get to experience the overwhelming compassion that exists in this world.

A Word of Thanks to Our Veterans

Today we ask that everyone take some time and remember those who dedicate themselves to defend and fight for all of us. We thank those who do so. We are blessed to have both active and retired military in our ranks so to you an extra Thanks and slobbery dane kiss.

Killer Treats... no this is not a joke.

I am seeing more and more cases of dogs perishing or becoming seriously ill from peanut butter, gum and other things that you may not think are toxic. Even a dane can be made very sick with a small amount of xylitol. I have even found it listed in "natural" peanut butter and low fat yogurt. Please be awae and if you suspect your dog has ingested xylitol please seek veterinary care ASAP.

Don't let Halloween Scare Your Pet.

Our friends at the AVMA have listed some great reminders. And keep on file the ASPCA Pet Poison Hot Line 888-426-4435
7 Things You Can Do to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet
Don't feed your pets Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or xylitol (a common sugar substitute found in sugar-free candies and gum);


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